Removing the "see all" button when limiting a list

I’d like to limit the displaying of a list without it showing the “see all” in the top right corner.

It’s not possible atm if I’m correct but I’d need it as if the user clicks it it open a list that I can’t manage as details but only as “pure list”.

Could you use a filter to just display the first X items in the list yourself perhaps?

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Would you be willing to add CSS to the app?

I don’t know CSS, will it be complicate? Will it bring any downsides?

Good suggestion, but it’s a step more, and I don’t want the user to be able to click and open another list (that I have to set up, and that is not fully customizable)

Another list will only open if they click the “see all” link. That link will only be shown if you have chosen to limit the number of items displayed AND the number in the list exceeds that.

The CSS to insert in a rich text component is here.

With this one specifically it should be pretty safe, the other ones I use with class names are not safe though.


Thank you so much for this trick to remove “see all”. You saved my day :slight_smile:


Glad I could help!

Where do i put the code?

EDIT: Ok, got it , it applied the result to all the lists on that ‘page’.
Works, thx.

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Probably there’s a way to apply a nth-child CSS trick to target only some specific inline lists in the page.

I was just gonne add a comment since I’d need it, but it’s still just magic to me.
Any hint on how it could be achieved?

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