CSS within an inline list? Is it possible?

I have a Home screen that includes an inline list - it shows only 1 item on the home screen (the person’s latest test result) and if you click on the specific test you get all kinds of nice useful things (bar code, etc).

the problem is that I am only showing the first 1 entry (the latest one) and then users can click See more. Then they get an inline list view that does not seem to be configurable at all… and I am stuck with the tab bar. This is a Bad thing… as I hide the tab bar with CSS throughout the app.

Any ideas on how I can make the experience nicer for dear users? Thanks! M

You may want to filter so only the latest shows, then create your own button that links to a details screen that has an unfiltered inline list, but allows for your CSS.


Thanks, @Jeff_Hager ! Filer using a roll-up with latest, followed by an ITE-column to pick out the latest one - and then when the user clicks, an action to take them to the tab My Tests… with the CSS in place. Perfecto!