Maybe advanced.... allow more control when click 'more' on an inline list

My app has a nice amount of CSS to get rid of things like the tab bar, and often the menu bar. Lots of good reasons why this is a good thing!

A little problem… in some areas, I would like the user to be able to choose an item from an inline list. Use case = user is taking a covid test and has a self-test kit… but do we support video tests using that specific test kit? Have a look at our list and select the one!

– easy - inline list, and compound action to pick up the value of the thing you select to write it into the Selected Kit column.

BUT… it turns out there are at least 20 kits that we will now support!
OK, cool… inline list has 'show items… 5…" – nice, not overwhelming… the user clicks ‘more’

BUT BUT BUT you get an inline list that you cannot change. So I see my gazillion tabs. And I lose the user.

Bleah. Unhappy :frowning:

I will have to work around it - a Choice list of items, and below some nice Action Text that will take users to a formatted list of items… in a screen I can control.
I hope that works :slight_smile:

why so many tabs?!

I’m using tabs as ‘modules’ to route a user through a complex app. There is no way of managing ‘screens’ as you end up with potentially long lists of components (controlled by visibility) or screens within screens within screens (hell to manage).

Tabs give me a much more logical and quick way to handle - and I use CSS to remove the tab bar.