Go to DIFFERENT tabs from inline list?


I have an app with 3 tabs (Usecase.ai, Process.ai, Office.ai), in addition to Home screen (picture below).

From Home screen, I’d like to use an inline list where each button opens a different tab (if I remember well, it was possible in “Glide Classic” mobile apps).

=> I wonder if this is possible without using the “open link” action (which is not relevant for this app) and without this approach: Button to open tab - #2 by kyleheney

Many thanks in advance

This is possible. You create a custom action with different conditions based on the name of the collection item. For example, you could say if button title includes usecase.ai, then navigate to usecase.ai, else if…


If you want it to be stable, you can assign an index to each of those rows and use those to branch your logic. That way, you can change the title of the item as you want, you just need the index to be the same.


Of course !
Thank you both @Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh

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