Collections - Open an URL + Open a Tab

Hi everyone, new to Glide and have a question.
First, many thanks for your help in advance!

I’m trying to create a collection with cards that act as visual links to different Tabs / external URLs. So when you click one, it just opens a tab / url, if you click the other, it opens the other tab / url.

In some cards I want the user to be redirect to another tab inside my app. In another cards, I want the user to be redirect to an external url.

When using the “Actions” to set this action, I´m able to choose just 1 single action for the hole collection. Or I can choose which tab the card will open, or which url (in the same table source).
I´m not able to mix “users redirections” in the same collection.

I want the card together in the same collection because they are part of the same subject.

Any way to achieve this?
Many many thanks!

Select the New option to create a new custom action. Then add conditional branches to do different things based on values in your table.

Thanks, Jeff! But I´m still struggling with that.

Let me try to clarify with images:

  1. I have the 5 itens below in my table (collection).
    For the first 1, I want to redirect to another tab inside the app, when the user clicks in the card;
    For the other 3, I want the user to be redirected to the links in the table.

  1. This is how my collection inside the tab in the Menu is looking like.
    The first card “NutriSlim21” is not even clickable, because there´s no URL associated to it in the table.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 20.28.50

  1. This is how I configured the actions.

I hope it´s easier to understand now.
Apologies in advance for any silly doubt…

I understand the situation. That’s why I explained to create a new custom action, which will let you do exactly what you want. In your screenshots, you haven’t selected the ‘New Action’ option.

Thanks again, Jeff!

I have created this new Action, but I can run / not working.
I´m not sure why… could you help me on that please?

Is that new action being called by the Item Click of the Collection?

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WOW! It just worked smoothly!
Many many thanks for the explanation and patience!

Can I ask you another help, please?
It´s regarding the “back” button. I could figure it out how to create one and add to my page, using also the Actions.
It´s like that:

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 20.52.19

Is there any way to set up an “arrow” in the header, like the built-in one?

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 20.53.50

Many many thanks again!

Tabs are at the top of a hierarchy, so there really isn’t anything to go back to. Instead of a ‘Go to Tab’, use a ‘Show Detail Screen’ or ‘Show New Screen’ action. That will place you below the top level tab, which should automatically give you a back button.

I typically don’t use the ‘Go to Tab’ action. I usually use a ‘Show Detail Screen’ or ‘Show New Screen’ action instead.

Jeff, again, many thanks!

I tried to do what you suggested, without success.
Can I post some screenshots here and you give me your opinion pls?

  1. Ive added this action

  1. Added also a button just under the header, assigning the action

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 21.35.10

Thank you!

You shouldn’t need to create a button at all, so I would delete it. If you set it up correctly, there will be a back button in the header.

Regarding your action, is that another separate custom action that’s different than the first one you created?

All you should have had to do is change the original action. Replace ‘Go to Tab’ with ‘Show Detail Screen’ or ‘Show New Screen’.

Tks, Jeff!

  1. This is my initial action, I have updated it already to “show detailed screen”. Removed the button also.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 21.59.30

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 21.58.02

  1. Parallel to that, I also had a button using “go to tab” action. But I have already removed it.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 21.53.17

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 21.53.09

Sorry, I’m completely lost now. I feel we are talking about different things and you are trying to fix the wrong problem.

Show me this action with the IF branches.

This is the only custom action you should have. This is the only one you should be changing. Since you didn’t give it a name earlier, I have no idea if you named it or left it as Untitled. Now you are showing me actions named Go Back, but I don’t know what that has to do with what I’m trying to tell you. I think you are trying to make a back button work, when instead you should be fixing the action on the main screen so that you will automatically get a back button.

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