Setting Tab as an External Link

Is it possible to set a tab as an external link?

I would like people to go to an external site when they click the tab’s icon. It could be a redirect to a blog, a Linkedin profile, etc.

Thanks a lot

Hi maschera,

As far as I know, it is not possible to this in Glide at the moment.

Currently I have the same issue (for donations, news article links etc.), I use the link component or the button component.

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Not yet…though, soon there will be a web view component you could use for embeddable content. You could make that the lone component on that tab.

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Thanks Robert. That means that I will be able to add a tab (a CTA at the bottom of the app with an icon) and this can open an external link right away?

Oh…you’re looking for a CTA. The webview won’t work like this, no.

That’s a pity. The app I’m building needs is for personal branding purposes and needs to quickly redirect to the customer’s blog and Linkedin profile.

Buttons are great but their visibility is tied to a specific page. Would love if Glide would make components redirect friendly.

Does this give you any ideas?

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That’s a really cool workaround for the time being - marked as a solution. Thanks for sharing Robert.

At the same time I will open a feature request with Glide.

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You can set visibility of a button based on the content of a page.