My Card: Your Anywhere AnyDevice Business Card

:wave: Hey all!

Just finished building v1 of my Digital Business Card app. Using the new Tiles > Action > Open Link feature and some simple Cloudinary magic, I managed to create a polished business card app that can be shared with anyone, anywhere on any device. Also leveraged a resource I discovered that allows others to save your info to their contacts app.

This template, which is now available in the Glide Template store, comes with a complimentary, one-time setup/customization/configuration session with me!

Here’s a demo:

Until then, you can get my contact info on your phone by getting my app here:


Very cool. But a bit scary with an app with your your face on. Have you invaded my phone? Doing great stuff @Robert_Petitto

Wondering whether everything will work on both iOS and Android

Lol. That way you can see my ugly mug any time you need assistance. Haven’t tried it on Android…I imagine it would though.

Very Cool. Did you mean it for us to be able to edit?

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Oh…no. Thanks! I had an edit condition on there at one point that was auto-removed when the conditional column no longer existed.

looks great.

One comment, more to glide team then to you - the featured apps section in your card app isn’t slide-able on desktop (not with the mouse at least), I can scroll with the left/right arrows but it’s not intuitive.

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Gotcha…I hadn’t tested scrollability with a mouse. I know it works with a trackpad. Does your scroll wheel on your mouse have horizontal scrolling capabilities?

I appreciate the feedback and testing!

no, just a regular mouse, with a left/right clicker and a scroller.

scroller will scroll the entire page, I tried dragging but it doesn’t respond at all.

Clicking and dragging is working for me. Might be your browser. I’m using Chrome.

Chrome here also, on PC (not mac)

Link to Facebook will need different link depending on which operating system you are using. I have been trying with to handle this. But this is not with out problems. Price and an extra OK button and returning to home page (which I believe is a bug)

Hey @Krivo! This is great! Thanks for the resource. Going to test my link compatibility now.

A bit more info in this tread. You can see problems in apples facebook

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Great marketing strategy @Robert_Petitto!

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Hi Robert, thanks for sharing! I think I will take you up on your offer. In the mean time, a quick question for you: do you know if it’s possible to combine Glide templates or the functions of different templates to create one app instead of having multiple apps? Is that what you’ve done with your digital business card? App download fatigue has been an issue for some time, and asking people to add 4 or 5 new apps is not feasible. I realize they are just web app links but the user looks at them as separate apps all the same. I have found 5 templates that if combined and tweaked, could suffice as our mobile app until we get to the point of creating a fully customized app.


P.S.In case you know of something, the one thing I haven’t found yet are timelines and being able to manage timelines.

P.P.S. Are you available to consult or custom build?

Hi Greg!

Yes…I’ve been racking my brains about any sort of method to create “app modules” but there’s really no way to do it. Glide doesn’t have an import/export function. That would be insanely awesome though…I imagine there being a function that imports the Google Sheets to the master (this is already doable from within Google) but then also clones ALL Glide data tables (including relations/lookups, etc) and layouts. Super tricky and lots of points of failure I imagine.

I hadn’t even realized that my portfolio apps open within the business card app…I thought they were opening in a new window in the device’s default browser. Lots of possibility here…password protected apps that potentially use the same sheet, public apps that don’t contain sensitive information for an intranet of sorts, etc.

Regarding your timeline, can you give me an example? Something historical or more like a social media timeline?

Yes, I do both consulting by the hour and/or contract work for custom built apps. Let me know what you were thinking!

I made this a feature request weeks ago. Upvote it!

Well done! The new feature to inline list will help a lot!

That’s sweet…I’ve been using.

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:new: My Card v2

By request, I added a new tab with a quick lookup of your information since it isn’t displayed on the home page. This list also allows linking / user interaction. The Add to Contacts button was added to this tab as it was hidden beneath the buttons on the home screen.