Let non logged in user select a specific collection view

Hello Gliders.

I feel comfortable with Glide but I simply cannot get this to work.


A restaurant menu where the users are not logged in.
I have a tab showing a collection from table food_category where I have food categories column and an image column.
Like Pizza and an image of a Pizza, and burgers and image with burgers.
Looks nice and I can click on the items.

I have another table that has the entire menu, with many different pizzas and burgers.
This table have a column with the same food_category in it, so all Pizzas have Pizza as food category in the category column.

I want the user to select from the first tab (food_category) if they want to look at pizza or burgers, and then when they click on the image for pizza, goto the “complete menu” tab (with action) and there I will filter the content based on the food_category.

I have tried with user specific columns in both the user table and the food_category table but no matter how I set it up or try to lookup data between tables I simply cannot get this to work.

How should I handle this to get it to work?

Seems easy but apparently not…

Cheers Mans

Create a relation linking the first category in the category table to the category in the menu table. When you click on category it will take you to is detail screen. On that detail screen add a collection that is sourced from the relation. That’s it. No need to set up filters.

THX I will try that ASAP :slight_smile:

Doouugghh that did not work.

It would work for a simple menu, but my menu is not “simple”.

I have a bunch of “smart” columns in the main menu table that checks for current dates, weeks and a sh*t load of other things.

If I should “lookup” all those columns I dont think it will work since many columns get data from other tables and user specific columns.

Any other ideas?

I’m not sure I understand. Why would you need a bunch of Lookups?How would you set up filter if you did it your way. Maybe I need to see some screenshots of how you have everything set up currently.

If you would rather set a filter, I think you should have access to Screen Values in the collection filter. If things are set up correctly, the screen values should contain values from the parent category row.

Are you familiar with Jack’s excellent Things in Things video?

Your 2 categories/groups will be pizzas and burgers in your Food_Category table.
Your n things will be all the different pizzas and burgers on your menu.

This setup, which is exactly the one that Jeff was suggesting, will allow your to click on either pizzas or burgers (the food categories) and show you a screen with a list of items in that category.

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@nathanaelb I need to remember to reference that. A new default app is the perfect example of this setup, along with the video.


Absolutely. The new default app with Things and Categories (I just noticed categories used to be called groups) shows exactly how to build a relation.

My only gripe with the default app: the things and categories in the default app don’t have any meaning. We’re talking about things such bloxes and blixes and roxes, and the categories are clouds and prisms and something else. It makes no sense so not only is it not memorable, but it’s confusing. The things and categories could have been xyz, abc and 123, and the whole setup would have been just as cryptic.

I can be such a grouch :pray:


If you create a large screen app instead of a mobile app, it will have company and employees instead for the default data.


I had no idea, that makes so much more sense. From now on I’ll create projects on the large screen, thanks for the tip.

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OMG was it that easy.

I got this working now!

I always thought that you must choose what columns to lookup to present the data and start by creating the relation between the tables.

I mean, you are designing you own relationship database in Glide (powerful) and can setup any relation you want with any data that resides in both tables.

So today I learned that you get ALL the data from another table with one relation by simply use that as datasource, and I can create a template with companies and employees by choosing a large screen app instead of a mobile app. THX for all your replies @Jeff_Hager and @nathanaelb

This forum is truly excellent!!!

Sorry for late reply but my timezone is Sweden and Glide is a side hustle after standard working hours :slight_smile:


Happy you figured it out! Relation and lookups are indeed pretty neat. The query column is also great.

Regards from your timezone (I’m in Italy right now but I live in Berlin).

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