What's the right way to go about creating a new Sheets tab for each user profile or associating inputs from a row with a specific user?

Basically, I’m trying to create an app that serves as a wishlist. An adult gift registry outside of weddings or babies, if you will.

I want people to be able to add new wishlist items and have that function figured out. It’s worth mentioning that I am extremely new to Glide and am just stumbling my way around. :slight_smile: But the next major thing I need to figure out is how new data entry points can be associated with (and accessible to) specific user accounts - either automatically creating a new tab for each user that reflects the wishlist item data points (price, link, description, etc.) or perhaps associating it with the user profile row by row on one main sheet?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t want all users to see EVERYONE’S wishlist entries, I just want them to see their own. Maybe there’s something obvious I’m missing!

Any thoughts on how to best proceed?

HI, @MaddyOsman,

This answer is very generic because I don’t know how you are building the app.

  • I think you might need a Users sheet/table which includes each unique person and email address.
  • The Wish List sheet/table must include a column for email address as well.
  • Then you build a relationship column between the two sheets/tables that is a one-to-many relationship so that Glide knows that the unique email address on Users may be linked to multiple item rows on the Wish List.
  • Finally, use visibility conditions or filters so that certain Wish List rows are only visible if the logged in User’s email equals the Wish List item related email.

Hi Maddy!
You need to use relations.
You should have one table with users, and another table with user profiles.
This might be a good video to start with:

Check this out as well:

And copy any of the free Glide templates and you’ll see how relations work.

You’ll either set up row owners, or filter based on the user’s email.

This other video might help as well:

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It is generic - I didn’t know exactly what language to use to figure out how to start addressing the answer! Thanks for giving me some useful things to think about :slight_smile:

That’s perfect, thank you so much!

I thought you said the question was generic - your answer was actually very specific :smiley:

HI, @MaddyOsman. I didn’t mean to say your questions was generic if that’s how it came across. I was afraid that my answer was generic–I was concerned that I couldn’t explain my thoughts well since I couldn’t see how your app was designed. There are several paths to achieve desired results in Glide and I just hoped my answer didn’t sound like jibberish. Good luck with your app!

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