User specific tables


Coming to Glide as frustrated with Appsheet user costs and lack of customizable domain.

I want to recreate the action behaviour I achieved in Appsheet: I prepare custom lists for each user, which they can select items from. The selected items then appear in a ‘my items’ list, which also automatically populates a google order sheet. User will also need to log in and the list displayed will be mapped to the user’s log in details.

Is this doable and scalable to hundreds of users? Is there a template that could kickstart this?

Many thanks!

Please note, the main criteria with this is the possibility to have many google sheet data sources (at least one for each user). I’m happy to export user-generated lists if the app cannot populate a googlesheet.

Hi, welcome on Glide!

If I understand well, you would like that Entering a custom list of items create automatically a new sheet? (not a new row)?

You can only use a single GSheet as a data source for a Glide App. However, you could have several other GSheets feeding data to that source sheet using something like importrange.

NB. When I say GSheet, I mean Google Spreadsheet. You can have as many sheets (tabs) within that spreadsheet as you want.

Yes, exactly - the action on appsheet is ‘add a new row to another table’

The problem with that is scalability. The master list would just grow and grow. I presume there would be a way to assign certain parts of the data to certain users?

OK, but the “another table” is not created by appsheet, is it?
My guess is that you have already created the tab, and you choose the where the new row should be added; otherwise, I don’t think (?) that Glide enables to create automatically new tabs (except the ones it creates for itself, such as “comments”, “logs” etc).

No, it’s a google sheet that is mapped as an output location with the same column fields as the data source but blank rows

For context, we have subscribers so I would like them to be able to access their lists ongoing.

What is tricky I guess, is to display the customized list of a given User, while she/he is not logged-in.
How can the app know what list to display?

Yes, Glide has a feature referred to as Row Owners, which essentially assigns ownership of rows of data to individual users (or groups of users), identified by email address. With row owners enabled, users will only have access to their own data.

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They would need to log on to see the list, so row owners should solve this? The only issue now is the data source. I am going to meet the row limit pretty soon if all user lists have to be in one source document.

There may have a method to limit the use of rows know as “Trebuchet” method, by @Lucas_Pires (it’s quite advanced): [Tutorial] Trebuchet Method 🔗 - List of Items/users in one cell!
I don’t know if it applies in your case.

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Hmm, this seems precarious and fiddly. I feel like I need a solution that is part database part UI. Glide might not be the thing.

Thank you both so much for your time though

You’re welcome. If the issue is the row limit, maybe is there something to workaround with:

  • “delete rows” actions after order is submitted (potentially by adding a Timer)

  • and the “trebuchet” method above to store the information

I think that this is something for experts such as @Jeff_Hager, @Robert_Petitto or @ThinhDinh