How? Relation between and to sheets?

I have sheet 1 with all users (X, Y, Z), their email-adresses and their budgets
Besides that I have a sheet per user with all their expenses in it: Sheet X, Sheet Y, Sheet Z.
Is there a way to link user X from Sheet 1 with its Sheet X ? Same for Y and Z?
So I can make a page per user with all info?

This would require 3 separate relations on sheet 1 linking the user email (or name, or whatever) to the same email in each sheet. One the details for sheet 1, you would need 3 separate inline lists against each relation. If the relation is empty, it won’t show anything.

On a side note, this would make more sense to me by using only 2 sheets and one relation. Only because it would scale with the app if you added users instead of having to alter the app for each new user and design each expense sheet separately.

With 2 sheets, you can still create multiple tabs against the same sheet if that’s what you want and filter by the specific user.

Yeah, I have the 2 sheets up and running and the relation between the two too. The potential client asked if this would be an option, possibly it gives more a feeling of separation of data per person. And then I thought: yeah why not? I’ll try to stick to two sheets, thanks!

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Got it. Setting Row Owners in the sheet would in theory be the same and guarantee that only the user’s email is only visible to themselves and transferred to/from the device.

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