Confusion between "user in a sheet" and "signed-in-user"

Hello the community,

I make an app to help people in the same city to lend things.

So I have lots of people that can connect to the app, add things, see things available and call other people.

The problem:
I link people to his objects with the email adress and a relation between the two sheets.
But when I need to show information about the owner on the view of the object, I always have the information about the sign-in-user…

Can you help me ?
Thanks !

Do you have a relation from the object sheet to the user sheet? I recommend a multiple relation because this lets you display in inline list that shows the object owners profile. If all you need is a name or email, then you can use a single relation from object to the user sheet. The single relation will allow you to create several lookup columns to get certain information out of a relation.

Hello Jeff,

Thank you so much for your answer.
Yes, I made the relation between object sheet and user sheet, and chose multiple relation.
I need a name and a phone.
I also created lookup columns, but I can’t see it, when I am in the component options.

The Lookup columns added on my object sheet do not appear in the choices in the component options.

If you are just trying to pull out specific values with the lookup, then the relation will need to be a single relation to make the lookup columns visible. Otherwise you are trying to fill a single value component with a lookup that could potentially hold up to thousands of values. A single relation will make the lookup a single value lookup that you can display in a single value component.

A multiple relation is useful if you want a direct link to the entire user profile, which has to be done with a multiple because lists don’t work with a single relation. Since that’s not what you are going for, the single relation will work fine.

If your Lookups are still unavailable after switching to a single relation, you may need to recreate them.


Thank you so much. The problem is solved. I remade the relations, and it works.


For future considerations, if you absolutely need to use a multiple relation and don’t want to have both single & multiple, then you can use a single value column to bring back data from a multiple relation. I believe it works the same way as the lookup.