Need help with a sports app

Hi, Glide community!

I am trying to make a sports app for the upcoming Olympic Games. The app will allow users to follow a certain country (in this case, Indonesia) at the Games, with athletes, schedule, results, and medal table displayed in the app.

At the moment, I am having difficulty in the “Featured Athletes” section within the “Schedule” tab. When users tap the schedule, “Featured Athletes” is supposed to show them the athlete’s profile (just like in the athletes’ tab AKA 1st screenshot) but it seems to display the same information for all athletes specifically in the “Getting to Know…” section after users tap on the “Featured Athletes” (AKA 3rd screenshot).

These are the screenshot of the issue I am facing (I used a relation column between the “Athletes” sheet and “Schedule” sheet in order to show the featured athletes in the “Schedule” tab):

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @JRK , I’m fairly new to Glide so not sure if this is exactly your problem but are you using independent screen configuration with your actions or relations? I ask that because you mentioned that the same information for all athletes is appearing. Here’s a thread I created just this week that touches on this subject:

I’m using ISC to have that customization but if you’re now having to do that for 100 athletes, becomes a lot of work. Good luck. BTW, I’m also creating an app that’s tied into the Olympics but not the sports side, rather for the visitors in Tokyo.

How have you structured the data in the schedule sheet? Did you create an array of sequentially named athlete columns (ie. athlete 1, athlete 2, athlete 3 etc)?

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HI @Zonez_SF - your thread is super helpful! I use ISC for each athlete, but I think the issue is that I did not put the questions and answers in columns in the data editor.

After some tinkering this weekend, it now looks better and works as expected!

Olympics app: That is awesome, would love to see it! Good luck!

Hi @Jaime :wave:

I have columns for athletes in the schedule sheet - which I used to show the featured athletes for each event in the schedule. Been doing some tinkering and hopefully, it works now!

Terima kasih!

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