How do I create user individual page with Glide?

Hi there, This is Yuto from Japan.
I am organizing career seminar for univ students.

I am going to make an application for students which enables them to see their own record like their attendance log, report, and results of seminar questionnaire.

We have such information in our spreadsheet and would like to reflect to Glide app automatically.(with API or something)

I am a totally begginer of Glide, but have a little exp of GAS.
Please let me know if you have useful template or method.

Thank you.

When you create a new app with that Sheet the data will be connected for you, then you can do whatever you want on the frontend.

It depends on how you want to show it, and after creating an app, feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

You might one to browse some templates here for inspiration.