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Hello All

I am new to Glide and development in general, I have in mind to create what I think should be a simple app and looking for guidance before I dive in.

I want to create an app related to my hobby of target shooting, each month we have to set out 30 targets of varying specifications; target size, distance and position, (ie prone, kneeling standing etc) The rules require that only a certain number and combination can be prepared. So my app will calculate and display the number of targets prepared and the number of sizes and distances etc.

I have written a very simple Googlesheet that deals with this very well, but we all know that a mobile app will be much more fun.

Can someone point me at a suitable tutorial?

Many thanks

Can you tell us more about your data structure?

I am happy to share my Googlesheet with you HFT Course setting guide - Google Sheets

Feel free to make changes in the dropdowns on the left, you’ll see how the summary or stats boxes on the right update according to how the results change.

So what you will input is the table on the left, and you want to show the results on the right?

Thanks so much for replying. Yes, that’s correct.

So it’s just a very simple calculator that displays the summaries on the right.
In terms of real estate on the mobile screen I guess it’s a problem that we have to have 1 - 30 columns.
Columns B and C can be selections (drop downs) Column D is free text.

I’ll be very grateful for any guidance on how to create this in Glide.

I have made some improvements to the spreadsheet since you last looked.

I was just looking at your spreadsheet.

  • Am I correct in saying that this is just used for preparing the targets, and ensuring the targets prepared fall within certain limits/guidelines? (but it’s not used for entering or tabulating actual results?)
  • Would you want to keep a historical record, or would you wipe the slate clean and start again each time?

All very doable in Glide, for sure.

Hi Darren
You are absolutely correct this is only for course preparation, there is no advantage in storing the the information, so yes we will want to wipe the data once the course has been used.

No, this is not meant as a scorecard, although, when I have got the hang on Glide I would like do create one as a project, (I suspect that most shooter will prefer to use pen and paper)

I’m pleased to hear that this can be accomplished using Glide because it does not require data in the same way as most other projects. Can you point me at a tutorial please.

Another question if I may, when the app is complete, does the app actually install onto the mobile device, or does it entirely require an online connection?

Many thanks

The answer to that is yes, and yes.
What I mean is yes it can be installed and it will look and feel like a native App.
But it also requires an internet connection.

There are lots of tutorials on various topics available in the #tutorials section here in the Community, and I encourage you to take a look as you progress with Glide.

But, it’s a quiet Saturday evening, and I had a bit of time - so I created one for you.
Apologies that it’s a bit lengthy, but hopefully it will give you a bit of a head start.

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Hi Darren
That’s brilliant, thank you so much. That certainly does give me ahead start, it would have taken me ages to get this far. I will have to watch the video in more detail to fully understand what you did and try it for myself


Thanks for the video and sorry for the delay of 3 months, I have finished a contract so I now have some time to look at this in more detail.

I have replicated what you created for me on the video, but I want to know if it is possible to display the 4 items of data we are gathering; Peg number, Kill Size, Position and Distance. Right now it appears to be limited to 3 items; Title, Description and meta

Please see screenshot attached

Many thanks


Create a template column and merge all of the details you want to see into one value.

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Like this? I cannot see how to get my component to see the new column

Not sure what column type you used there or how you created it but that’s definitely not a Template column. Looks like a Make Array column??? You definitely don’t want any kind of array column. A Template column is a type of column that returns a single text value comprised of other columns values mixed with other text.

Great, I think I have got this to work now. Many thanks

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