Simply making a Google Sheet more mobile-friendly

Hi all, I was wondering if someone may be able to advise on how to use Glide to just make a Google Sheet more user-friendly. We’re relatively pleased with the layout of our Google Sheet, but want to make the Sheet itself into an app by just making it more mobile-friendly (only allow for data entry into the cells, limited editability, etc.). Any thoughts on if possible?

That’s exactly what Glide can do for you! Try it out and play around with the layout options. You’ll quickly see that Glide can make your process way more efficient and way more visually appealing than just editing a spreadsheet.

I’ll see what I can do; I feel like it’s quickly getting complicated, though - we have different customers, and for each customer we visit them 1-2 times per week and want to be able to add new columns and new data for each visit we pay to them (each visit has different sales we’d like to record). But I’m not sure how Glide supports addition of NEW columns and data as opposed to just formatting existing data.

Glide is not designed to add data as new columns.

It is also not one of our goals to be a mobile spreadsheet.


Well, it would be useful to be able to add new data and entries for different dates and sales as they happen though, even if it’s not a “mobile spreadsheet”.

Glide is designed to add new data and entries as they happen—but they are added as new rows, not new columns.

Hmmmm, I wonder if we could reformat for rows instead of columns… Is there a recommended Glide Expert for hire for even just an hour or so to give some pointers and discuss?

All of our experts are recommended: Experts • Glide

We explain everything you need to learn to get up-and-running for free in our docs & videos, though: Organizing your spreadsheet - Glide Library

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Here’s a question, though - is it possible for the newly added data in each cell to be supported with dropdown menus? For instance, for a new row added via the Glide app, can Column 1 of that row be supported with a dropdown menu (say, to pick the customer), then Column 2 maybe a dropdown menu to pick other identifying info, etc. instead of just pure text entry in each cell of the row???

You can use the choice component for that and pre-determine the list of choice values.

Is it possible to do conditional statements for Column 2 of a row based on what’s in Column 1? For instance, if Column 1 has a certain customer name, Column 2’s dropdown choices are populated based on that customer??

Yes that’s doable using the filter conditions.

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