How to Build a Glide App - For new Gliders

Hello to all the new Gliders!

I made an article including a video for “How to Build a Glide App”.

Suitable for those who are in Glide for the first time.

If you’re looking to create a Glide-free app, there are actually only four steps:

  1. Organize your data in a spreadsheet
  2. Customize the app design
  3. Configure app functionality
  4. Promote and share with others

1. Organize your data in a spreadsheet

There are two common cases at this point, either you have an existing sheet or you do not have one.
If you have such a sheet (Google Sheets, Excel, or AirTable) make sure it is arranged to suit the construction of the app.

The sheet should be arranged as follows:

*** the First row will be titled, all other rows will be items ***


First row: Name | Role | phone

Second Row: Anonymous | Manager | 053000001
Third Row: Someone | Waiter | 052000001

Once you have arranged the sheet you can create a new application in Glide by selecting your sheet

Demonstration of how to select a data source

2. Customize the app design

I personally prefer to first build the pages and elements I want to use including names for each of them.
In this way, I first build the process that my user will go through in the app (the user can also be just me in a personal app).
Only then will I start introducing the functionality that will make my design become the system I want it to be.

3. Set the app functionality

At this point, I highly recommend sitting down with a writing page and writ down to yourself what I want to happen when a particular button is pressed and what is important to me to have in order for it to work the way I want.
Then I can do one of two things, either I already know how to do the action I want or I’m looking for a guide on how to do what I want.

A guide can be found in several ways and I will expand on them in another post.

A. Find a guide in another post on my blog (:
B. Look for a post on the Facebook group or in the Glide community with the issue you are facing.
C. Publish a post with the question “How can I …” in one of the communities in the previous section.
D. Consult with an expert, I offer up to 30 minutes of free consultation.

4. Promote and share with others

All that is left to do is advertise your app to the relevant market.
Glide apps are web apps (having a URL) so sharing them with others is easy and simple.
You can paste the link into your social network channels, website, WhatsApp, or anywhere else.

In conclusion, building applications in Glide is a relatively simple process to perform. No need for programmer knowledge or knowing complex functions, just try until you succeed.


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Glide guides

  1. Glide Library: Glide’s official manual.
  2. Glide community forum: search first, ask second.
  3. Glide Templates: not guides per se, but highly recommended to get a head start and from which to potentially learn.

I think these three – at the very least the first two – belong in the list of guides first and foremost, before anything else.


Thanks loved that

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