Need help structuring data

Hello fellow gliders,

I am very new to spreadsheets and glide as a platform, but have found my self enthralled with the possibilities.

I work in a family business importing travertine and selling it wholesale and I recently discovered that I can use glide to provide my customers with a handheld brochure, stock check, and price book whenever they need. After asking some discovery questions, I know that this would be a serious win for my business.

I have an extensive spreadsheet that I use to manage inventory but have found it difficult to create the app that has structure and flow. I know there is a way but I can’t seem to find it.

I was hoping someone could help me figure out the best way to structure my data, so I can not only use it with glide now, but grow and scale efficiently.

If you’re reading this I appreciate all your time.
Thank you.

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What functions would you like to have with your app? Can we know more about that to support accordingly?

You can pick any template from the template store that features an online store.
I think these apps will give you an idea of how the data is laid out, and how it gets displayed in the app.