Google Sheets Explained related to Glideapps

I’m having a hard time understanding how to structure my google sheets to make it work effectively with the app. I manage to get some things done by fumbling around and by trial and error. Please point me to some articles or videos that explain the structure of Google sheets and the relations between the different columns and the connections between a column in one sheet to a different column in another sheet

This would be a good place to start:

In general:

  • Try to keep your data structure flat. Just simple columns and rows. Avoid things like merged rows/columns, pivot tables, and column or row grouping.
  • Keep all related data together in a single sheet/table
  • Avoid un-necessary duplication of data
  • If you’ve ever worked with Relational Databases, then many of the same conventions that you apply to database design should also be applied to Glide apps.

@Darren_Murphy Thank you so much; truly appreciated!

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