New to Spreadsheets

I am completely new to spreadsheets and I’m clueless. Is there documentation somewhere that teaches the basics of designing your database???

I honestly haven’t looked, but the premise is simple:

A Google spreadsheet contains “sheets” (also called “tables” or sometimes referred to as “tabs in a spreadsheet”).

Tables contain rows (also called records) and columns (also called fields). Columns contain data of various types (dates, numbers, text, etc). Rows/Records are “entries” for that particular table.

Each table should contain similar data. A table of employees will have each employee on its own row. The columns describe the employee (name, position, location, email, etc).

From there create all the tables you need to organize the TYPES of data in your app.

Then, you’ll use relation columns to link the tables together.

I highly recommend taking a look at the Glide docs and downloading the employee directory template to see how all the tables work together.


Watch some of the rebuild videos to get a better idea of how to structure your data.