Been awhile since I used my GlideApp

When I first started out, I was blown away by how easy it was to use!

But, I wanted to make my app look better. So, I started rearranging my SS, adding icons, hiding rows and columns, using formulae and summaries, etc…

Just tried making a new app and it looked awful!

Any tips on making the app more closely resemble my spreadsheet format?

Thank you.


You’ve probably approached this the wrong way. Glide works best with “flat” spreadsheet tables. As soon as you start merging columns and rows, Glide will struggle.

If you want to improve the appearance of your app - then make the changes in the app, not in the spreadsheet. Remember - Glide is the visible front end to your data. There isn’t much point trying to make your spreadsheet look pretty, because that’s not what people will be looking at when they use your app.

A couple of specific pointers:

  • separate your meta-data from your data. What I mean by this is have one sheet/table that lists all your stocks (Name, Symbol, Type, Logo, etc)
  • then have a separate sheet (or sheets) where you add the daily/weekly ticker data
  • have something common in both that you can use to create a relation between the two (the symbol?)
  • in general, try to keep everything laid out in flat (unmerged) rows and columns
  • all the “massaging” of your data to make it look pretty and presentable should be done in Glide - that’s what Glide is for
  • check out the various computed column options available in Glide. You should find that most (if not all) of your spreadsheet formulas can be handled within Glide
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Glide stores data in your Google Sheet, but you don’t design your app in the Google Sheet —the design happens in Glide.

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Hi, David.

Happy New Year !

Tomorrow, I will reacquaint myself with Glide. You really do have a great product! It’s just been awhile since I’ve used it. Frankly, because the SS is really keeping me occupied. It’s shared with a friend as a google sheet, so we both have it on our home screens, but an app would be so cool!

Someone else replied to my question, with some insightful input that I will digest.



PS - Sure miss San Francisco

PPS - It sure would be great if someone would just whip out my app in 5 minutes!