🥎 Manage your sports team with Our Team

:wave: Hey all!

Just wrapped up my newest app: Our Team


  • Homepage that includes team logo, season record and roster
  • Roster in list or cards view
  • Manage current season and auto-archive previous seasons
  • View schedule that includes location, link to map/driving directions, and game score/outcome
  • Photo Gallery per season
  • Chat for app users
  • Admin features that allow moderation of gallery, editing of team info, and addition of scheduled games.



Excellent as always, Robert. As a sports news reporter, I hope to see more sports app on here.


@Robert_Petitto: This is nothing short of brilliant!

Good luck with sales, $15 is a complete snip.

Had to look this up to make sure it wasn’t an insult :rofl:

Much appreciated!


Totally stealing your progress bar as a seperator idea.

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You saw that huh? :wink:

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You can also set it so that it fills with the theme color.

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Hehe, yes I did. I have a page with multiple sections and I was contemplating using an image to visually separate the sections. The built in separator can sometimes blend in to much. I wanted something bolder. Plus with the progress bar, I now have 2 color options. 0% for gray, or 100% for theme color.

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Love it! Will be even better if Glide does the progress bar enhancements I requested (choose color, square edge option, etc)


Wow all over that too. I’ve been doubling and tripling separators to get similar effects, but this is way cleaner. Great idea.


Nicely Done RP!!

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Beautiful app!

Much appreciated, Tim!

Great job Robert! Good luck with the sales :wink:

Ha…thanks…might be trickier now that @osxzxso is releasing something free :upside_down_face:. We’ll see!

Processing: IMG_20220616_144651.jpg…What do I need to do for this to work properly?

what do you want to do? (share a link to this screen I presume?)
what does not work?

This action only works on a mobile device.

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It’s working . thank you

If the user comes back completely from that page using the select bar or condition using a user specific column and reopens that page it will not return to normal. Shows in previously used condition. What I need to do is clear the value in the user specified column and return to normal.