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Developer: osxzxso

App Name: Timberwolves

I created and published this Glide app earlier this year (April 2020), however, it was only posted on my website so I decided to post it here as well. I made this app for fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team. This app allows users to stay up-to-date on the current roster, stats leaders, team schedule, team scores, league standings, and stadium information.

App Link:

App Layout: 14 images

App Demo: Glide Apps: Timberwolves - osxzxso - YouTube

I have completed a template of this app (which is a non-branded replica of my Timberwolves app), the corresponding demo video, and it has been approved and added to the Glide Template Store. The template is available to all Glide users for free!!!

Developer: osxzxso

Template Name: Sports Teams

Glide Template Store Link:

Template Demo: Glide Apps: Sports Teams (template) - osxzxso - YouTube


Have Juancho Hernangomez for my Fantasy team, so this is definitely a yes for me!

Jokes aside, well designed!

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Awesome, thanks for the compliment :pray:. I can’t wait for the league to get back into action!!!

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Wow amazing! This will be such a great template.


Just a follow up, do you make automatic updates on this, with the data source being ESPN or something?

Thanks, I’m actually finishing up the non-branded template version of this app right now.

Edit: The template version of the app is now complete. I just need record the demo video and submit it to the Glide Template Store.

There are multiple ways to keep the app updated. For the Timberwolves app, I initially planned to update the app manually (which would take a few minutes on days that the Timberwolves didn’t play, and a few extra minutes on days that they did). However I recently gained access to an NBA API service that can automatically input/update any necessary data into my Google Sheet (which I can then manipulate, move around, formulate/calculate and use for fully-automatic app updating).

For the non-branded template that I am going to submit to the Glide Template Store, it will be structured for manual updating (however, depending on the use case for any particular developer, they could certainly restructure the app or parts of it for use with an API service or another alternative for more automated updates).

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That’a brilliant. I am a sports reporter as well but for soccer. I have an app for my community in Vietnam about Arsenal (English club).

Yeah, I’m definitely a big sports fan. My top 3 sports in order: Basketball, Football, Soccer. Right now I’m waiting for my demo video (for the template) to finish rendering, then I’m going to get it submitted to the Glide Template Store shortly after. It’ll be free, so hopefully some parts of the UI/structure are useful to you. I’ll definitely take a look at your Arsenal app as well. Thanks for all your replies and all the help that I see you providing others in the community :+1:.

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That’s so kind of you. Thanks, I’ll definitely keep an eye on it! If you need me and other’s help regarding anything just make a thread.

@david | @ThinhDinh | and all others…

Update: I just finished the template version of my Timberwolves app as well as the corresponding demo video. The template is named “Sports Teams” and has been submitted to the Glide Template Store. The template will be available to all Glide users for free!!!


@osxzxso great work and extremely kind of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


@JackVaughan Thanks a lot, I truly appreciate the kind words :pray:. Always happy to contribute to the Glide platform and community members.


Great news!!! My Sports Teams template has been added to the Glide Template Store. It is available to all Glide users for free!!!

Glide Template Store Link:

Well done. Do the player stats calculate upon entries for each game or is it entered manually?

@ThinhDinh Hey, I just finished looking through your Arsenal app. It’s awesome. I really like the way you coordinated the news content and layout. A+

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Thanks mate that means a lot to me. I builded it 6+ months ago and there are many more things I want to add to it like navigation between consecutive items, standings, statistics like your app did. I wlll take time to make them when soccer returns for sure!

Sounds like you got a great game plan ahead. Can’t wait to see your app evolve. I just saw some news that the NBA is planning to return at the end of July, so hopefully the Premier League and soccer in general is not far behind :crossed_fingers:

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Premier League will return mid June! Can’t wait. Boston Celtics fan by the way.

Really like the app! I’m a Timberwolves fan in the Twin Cities, and enjoy seeing them get love on Glide. I’m also working on a couple of basketball apps:

  1. An app to allow college basketball teams to track their high school recruits and potential college transfers, adding notes, video, and upcoming events per player

  2. An interactive dashboard of stats on select college basketball teams (which is causing me endless headaches to get working)

#2 is a companion to an email newsletter I write and am looking to expand to a subscription service, and I’m really enjoying figuring out how Glide can help.