Glide App: Timberwolves | Glide Template: Sports Teams | by osxzxso

@Sean_Vinsel Thanks :pray:

Yeah, you’re first app should be pretty straightforward. I saw you post more details on what you’re trying to achieve regarding the second app, and once I have some more free time, I’ll read through it and message you if I have any suggestions/ideas.

There is a templated version of the Timberwolves app (which you probably saw) that perhaps can assist in simple structural layouts if anything.

My summer term started recently (which I’m taking 4 full courses over a span of 6 weeks). So at the moment, I am slammed with schoolwork. I have around 5 more Glide Apps that are close to complete, but I won’t have the time to finish them for another month or two. Glad to see you join the forum, you’re definitely going to have some fun developing with Glide. I love it.