Simple Basketball Stat App

When my boys play basketball, I encourage them to focus on the TEAM.

BUT, when grandma asks, she just wants to know how her boy did.

I made this 3 line app to help me keep track of ONE player. (It could also be used to keep track of one TEAM if needed)

Score Keeper · Score · Made with Glide (

The shots MADE focuses on the 3 pointer and the 2 pointer. (You will need to swipe to see the free throws. (But that is usually at a calm time of the game anyway)

There is no sign-in so stats are not saved.

I played around with a sign in and an archive of stats, but that will have to wait for another day.

Swiping out will reset the app.

There is an option to clear out all shots through a special tab.

I thought MAYBE there would be one other glider who would like to use this (or it may inspire you to make a similar app … Baseball? Soccer? Golf?


Neat app! 2 pointers and 3 pointers are good but needs to work on free throws to be in NBA draft in a few years time? :wink:

I have a Fantasy Golf app, but that’s private.
Making a generic Golf Scoring template is definitely on my to-do list… once I learn a bit more

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I thought you got to actually swipe to make a shot… thats what it sounded like when reading the comments. I do like the idea though, well done :slight_smile: