Basketball league

Hi, I would appreciate your advice on how you would build this. Basketball league. Player groups and game board.
The problematic point is the presentation of the games between 2 teams and then the presentation of the results of the games which also consist of points for the number of players in each team.
On these results, a table of the teams should be presented with a score on loss or victory and also a statistical ranking of the players.
Thanks in advance

I believe @Alexander_Rubino built something similar recently. Maybe you can look for his threads and discuss with him on what’s the best thing to do in this scenario.

I’m not at the computer right now. But I can share my app, and then you can maybe find what you are looking for. Because I’m not quite sure what you want to achieve.

If you could share the app with me, that would be great. Thank you!

The App:

I can’t share the data, since it isn’t a template. But just let me know if you want to build some of features I have.

The app looks great! I think it can help me a lot. You have a lot of things in the app that interest me. Can you share the information with me?

It is not possible to send the datasheet, because it is made with google sheets. But just name what you want to add to your app, then I will tell you what to do.