Score table

Hello dear friends.
I want to produce a table for the results of games in a local basketball league. As soon as the results of the game are entered, you need to calculate winner and loser points for the winner and loser and then produce a score table based on the results at the same time. Has anyone built something like this before or has an idea of ​​the best way to do it?
Thanks in advance!

yes, I build a golf tournament App, with cash bettings, and scores…

Can you help me how to do this?

yes, I can give some advice…
how is your data structured, and how you wanna display it?

you should have at least 3 tables with users, teams, groups, and scores

I already have data of player groups and games. What is the way to enter the results, and how can the results be turned into a central league table. Can I also link to your app?

in the team’s table, have a row ID, team name… and whatever data you want to describe that team…
in the scores table, you need to have:

  1. row ID
  2. date of the game
  3. game location
  4. game description
  5. team 1 row ID
  6. team 1 Name
  7. team 1 score
  8. team 2 row ID
  9. team 2 Name
  10. team 2 score
  11. group ID

Do you have that structure?

And how do you create a group ranking table? I mean, how do you give a score to each group from this table? What does it look like for your app?

ok, I add the group ID… you need to create another table with the group list and give the team’s group IDs… you need to explain to me how the groups work… will they change?


ok… then that’s all you need for now… do you have that structure?

can i see the how its look in your app?

no… I do not share my client’s Apps… but I will help you step by step to achieve your goal.

thank you!

you can always schedule a meeting with me… click my image… and the calendar icon.