Golf sports fantasy game

Morning All. I’d like to build an app for game a play with my mates. Just need to start with basic ID/login, team selection, submisson. Are there any templates to maybe consider please?

I believe @Darren_Murphy built a golf app a while ago, he might have some ideas for you.

Do you have some visualizations on what you would expect for the app?

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll try ask Darren. I do have some visuals yes.

Yes, I did. My very first Glide App, in fact. It’s still in use, and I’ve actually been dusting the cobwebs off it in the past few days getting ready for a new season. The app itself is a bit of a mess, in the sense that it’s a horrible mix of spreadsheet formulas and apps script and lots of stuff I would never do today. If only I knew back then what I know now, haha :rofl: :crazy_face:

@Gavin_Uren I described some of the functionality of my app here.

You asked about templates for this sort of thing. I’m not aware that there are any, but there might be - you could check the template store.


Ok nice work, seems what you have done is more or less what I’m attempting too.

I’ve been playing private fantasy game with mates for about 10 years now, just using excel sheets. Only like 20-40 users. So thought time to put it in an app and maybe reach out to a few more people. But problem is i don’t know anything about “apps script”, “api’s” or any of this tech jargon, so not confident where to start. Seems Glide could be the answer though…do you agree?

Yep, for sure.

The one I’m involved in has been going for about 20 years, and for the first 15 or so years it was all done with Excel. I got involved about 5 years ago, and convinced them to move to Google Sheets (I detest Excel, and won’t touch it). Once that was done, I started adding automations, API integration for real time scores and stuff like that. And then a couple of years ago I stumbled on Glide and decided to convert the whole thing to a Glide App. It’s worked out really well, but as I said it’s a bit messy - mainly because the Google Sheets still have lots of artefacts from the time before they were connected to Glide. Lots of calculations and redundancies that really aren’t necessary, and do little more than create bloat.

So yeah, Glide is great for something like this. And the possibilities are endless. It just depends how far you want to take it. I guess my advice would be to start with something very simple (I assume you are new to Glide?) and just get the basics right. And then progressively extend it. Will be happy to provide any advice or guidance that you need along the way.

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Awesome thanks Darren. Seems like Glide is a good fit then. And thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

Initially i just want to start with an app that can handle a user signing up (name & email) and then each user having to submit 5 picks, from a set list of players (so 5 x selection boxes with drop down list for each with a choice of the full field of players plus their value). Very basic i think.

Would you advise using a template for this, or try just start building myself?

Templates are fine, but you usually have to get in there, learn how everything works, and make changes to adapt it to your needs. There also may be things you want or don’t want and have to start adding and removing things you may not understand yet.

I think building from scratch has some advantages. You have full control of the entire process, and you learn and understand how every piece is connected. A blank canvas is hard to start with, but glide does build a basic initial version of your app, based on your data, for you to get you started.

What you described sounds pretty simple. Layout some tables and start playing around with different ideas. You will most likely have to undo and redo some things, but you will learn a lot in the process and it will make it a lot easier to expand it in the future since you are familiar with how everything in your app works.

Like @Darren_Murphy said, start small and get one piece working before you move on to the next. Don’t try to imagine and build the entire app flow and design in one shot. It will make things more confusing, and you will find that your ideas may change as you go


I’m with Jeff on this. Better to do it yourself. Start with a Google Spreadsheet with a couple of sheets and add the column headings that you think you’ll need. To get started you’ll probably need something like:

  • A Users sheet, with columns for:
    – Name
    – Email Address
    – Avatar
  • A sheet to collect your Player Picks in
    – Punter ID (links to Users)
    – One column for each of their 5 picks
  • A sheet for your list of players
    – Player Name
    – Scores

That’s probably the bare minimum to get started. Connect that spreadsheet to Glide and take it from there.
One piece of advice that I would give is to try and resist the urge to add a bunch of formulas to your Google Sheet. You don’t need them. The Glide data editor and Glide computed columns are incredibly powerful. So any calculations or data manipulation you need to do can be done there.

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Ok brilliant, thanks a lot guys. I’ll try get my head around this and give it a crack. Much appreciated.

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@Darren_Murphy, I’ve been making a couple of golf apps for the past 2 years for my group tournaments as well! We had a Ryder Cup style tournament at Bandon Dunes last year and worked great through Glide. This year, I’ve added real time scoring, so others can see where the other groups are and tried to slick up the UI so there was minimal tabs.

If you’ve used the golf app The Grint, that is my inspiration for the features in glide.

I’d be curious what type of methods you’re using for live scores and point calculations. Maybe we can collaborate to enhance our golf apps!

Here’s a few screen shots of my current version: