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Hi everyone, I’m Marc, in Ireland. For anyone here who plays fantasy sports, unfortunately Fanduel and Draftkings daily fantasy football isn’t available in Ireland yet. I’m making an app for my friends where we can easily search through players, pick and submit a team unique to each user and ideally see a leaderboard of the teams.

I’ve built a simple set of player databases with a team selector, but now need to make this unique for each user and ideally somehow collate the user scores in one tab also.

If anyone has tried this or know someone who has tried this, all tips and shortcuts appreciated!!!


As someone who has played Yahoo Fantasy Basketball for 3 years I’m all for this concept. Let me know where you get stuck and I’ll try to help.


My very first Glide project was a Fantasy Golf app, so this sort of thing is definitely doable :+1:


A colleague of mine was building something similar with NFL/College Fantasy and I remember he used this API in his app:

However, you would need a way to get data from their API imported into your Google Sheet, thus keeping your Fantasy Glide app updated for your users.

Cool idea, hope your build goes well!


Thanks very much for saying this!

Right now I’m just at the beginning so apologies if this is rookie stuff.

I’m a bit stuck at setting things up so unique users can submit their own unique lineups. I’ve been able to build a basic database of the players and a selector, but just haven’t figured out how to allow each unique user to make their own selections.

The other piece I can’t figure out is there are conditions within team building. Each player has a budget value and your team needs to stay under a budget. I can show the SUM of the team cost by working on the google sheet but I’m finding it hard to set conditions like “can’t pick the same player twice” or “cant submit this team unless you’re under budget”.

Hi, Marc & Welcome to the Community!
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Enjoy your Glide :cherry_blossom:

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Yea if I get to live updating data I will be stoked. Those APIs can be expensive though and this is for casual use w friends right now.

I would advise you to firstly setup and configure User Profiles, and (probably) set your app sign-in method to Public with Email.

Then when your users submit their selections, you won’t need to ask for an email address as you’ll be able to automatically capture that based on the signed in user.

You’ll probably want a separate table to capture the user selections - one row for each user. So the form shown in your screen shot would add a row to that table as each user submits.

How often will your users be making selections? Will it be a weekly thing? You should have a think about you want to handle “old” selections. If you’re intending to keep this as a free app, then the 500 row limit will very quickly come into play.

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