Fantasy Football 🏈 app

We’re working on a pretty cool fantasy football app at for one of our clients.
It’s REALLY complex, but ACTIONS arrived, and we just took this to a whole new level in terms of UX.

1.- Users have a list of leagues available (the admin can create as many leagues as they want)
2.- The admin sets a price for entry. Users can use the buy button in Glide to buy credits in order to play the leagues. If they don’t have enough credits, they can’t play and are prompted to buy more.
3.- Using actions, players add players to their roster, and we reshuffle the list after every selection. I mean, look at this beauty!

4.- The app is integrated in the backend to a fantasy API, so we bring over scores, projections and can generate the leaderboards live!
5.- Users can see their current week’s scores, compare themselves to the other players, and more.

You can see a video of me walking through the app here:

cc @ThinhDinh


Heard this video was coming…really astounding work you two.

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Thanks Bob. As a Fantasy player myself (I play the soccer and basketball version though) I was determined to make something like this work in a Glide App. Very complex one, glad compound actions helped us at the end.