Football Predictions

I’ve been running a football (soccer) predictions league for the last few years via an Excel Spreadsheet. Last year it grew to 25 users, so this involved me having to key in the predictions for 25 different people into the spreadsheet, then the actual results and score and update the table.

I’ve looked for a way to automate some of this and came across this site. Is there a simple app i can build that will allow users to input their scores directly?

Yes, you could build this using Glide.
You just need a clear picture in your mind about what features you need, and think carefully about how you structure your data.

Is it important that you keep the data in an Excel sheet? If it isn’t, I recommend using native Glide Tables as a data source.

If you can provide a couple of screen shots of how you currently arrange your data in Excel, we can probably make some suggestions about how restructure it (if necessary) to work better with Glide.

Ok, the file is currently built with three main tab types… One is the league table, one is the fixtures ‘source’ tab and then each user has an individual tab. The format/layout of the individual tabs mirror the fixtures tab for each user and use a (lengthy!) formula to ‘score’ each prediction. The final score for the week, then pulls into a table for the user, and then another formula (just a simple =‘USERNAME’!CellNumber)

In an ideal World, id have the users key in their predictions so that side is automated at the very least. If i can have it score the predictions and populate the league table, then ever better

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Okay, yep that’s all definitely doable with Glide, although you will need to restructure your data a bit.

However, before you go any further I’d suggest having a look at the Glide pricing page, if you haven’t already.

With 20 users, you’ll need at least a Starter Plan ($25 per month), but if you want to keep the App private then you’ll need a Pro Plan ($99 per month). So before investing any time in this at all, you should decide whether or not you’re willing to pay for it.

If you are, let me know and I can make some suggestions about how to better structure your data to work with Glide.

Ah, yeah. This is more of a hobby rather than a business so i wouldnt look to be using a subscription service. Thank you though

I’ve always played this game back in the days… have always wanted to implement this on Glide. hopefully will find the time.