Can This app be built with Glide?

I wish to build an app and i want to uderstand if this platform can do it.
In the First screen the user will enter a text - headline and then up to 5 rows he should fill
in the second screen the user will enter 5 considerations and will give each one a %
In the third screen the user will see the results from the two sheets in a table summerizing it all in a table

In the table itself i wish to enable the user the option to select from a drop down.
And in the last screen a presentaion of the table in a graphic way

Hope i was clear.
I wish to first understand if it is something that can be done with Glide or not.

Note- it should be sent to several people and each one should not see the data the other one entered and it should not write over previuos data.


It all sounds possible. It sounds simple enough. The only way to know if it works is to give it a try. I think you can build something quick enough that you will know pretty quickly if it will work out not. I also believe that most challenges can be worked out with some sheet magic or revision of your app design and sheet layout as you progress. It looks like you already have some sheet structure figured out. Start building an app an see what you get.

So there is a componant for graphs? (couldnt find it)
and it is possible for users to work simultanuacly but indevidually?
and same for the drop down within the table?

I’m afraid i’ll start working on it and then figuring out i can implement all the features i need.

There are a couple options. Glide has some basic built-in pie, donut and progress bar charts. You can also build your charts in your sheet and embed them in the app as an image.


Per User Data will allow users to have their own data. Same for drop downs.

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Can the Pie be built based on the data the user entered in sheet A and sheet B
And can i display a table based on the two sheets? one to define as row and the other as colums?

As stated by @Jeff_Hager, all is possible. You should give a try, it will take less than 1 hour of your time to have an idea of what you want / what you get.

And as long as you master Google Sheets a minimum, I don’t see any constraint to achieve your needs with Glides.

Come on, give a try and let us know!

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Spreadsheets are very powerful and can pull data from multiple sources. I would say it’s most likely possible. Like @Christophe_HK said, you can build a very large portion of your app in less than an hour. From there you tweak things and see what works to get the results you want.