Advice for configuring Fantasy Draft Selection app

Hi there,

I’m working on my second Glide app and this time it’s a little more ambitious. What I’m seeking to develop is a tool that can serve as a live fantasy draft lottery (niche, but popular with American football fans).

What I’m a little stumped on is whether it’s possible to have the following actions within Glide:

  • Assigning a selection (player name) to a user
  • Displaying a live order of users and their subsequent selections

For the first part here’s a screenshot of what I’ve mocked up as a draft:

The desired action on this screen would be: user taps on player name which opens a screen – or form – to where user can select the player.

This would then hide (or grey out, if possible) the selected player from being selected from another user.

Is the above action feasible?

Ideally the “Live Draft Order” tab would display Users’ names, the order and their selections (Admin has access to a hidden menu that can select/deselect when it’s the next user’s turn). There would also be an option for reviewing other player’s selections by round and their respective full rosters, but that’s something to consider building later.