Adding organisation chart to glide

Recently i have been working on fantasy look-like app where users can choose their own best 1st eleven players from different to compete who collects more point from those players(im assumng most know how epl fantasy works)…now what i have been stuck to is how to give users the formation chart(here it will be organisation chart)for them to pick players from like below

From a fellow Fantasy player, I don’t think that layout or experience is possible at all within Glide.

ok.but what about importing organization chat from google sheet?

What “organization chart” are you trying to “import”?

I think it is possible with a little workaround solution:

  • Keep in mind there are a finite number of formations, e.g. 442 or 433 or 532 etc…
  • Generate a set of PDF templates, one for each formation with a {{Player name}} as a field under each player
  • Use the integration called DocsGenerator to generate the respective PDF, selected by formation
  • Pass the names of each player to the PDF doc during the integration
  • Display the formation by by opening link to new screen, e.g. in new window or embedded via web-preview

The only limitation will be you cannot have a choice of kit colors… but I guess it’s still a nice solution.

I work on Sport’s apps so will likely try this myself sometime :slight_smile:

A big part of these types of app is the ability to change the position of players and formations would automatically change as needed. I think it’s hard to implement it in Glide.

If you were feeling adventurous, I’d say it might be possible with Cloudinary. Certainly not easy, but possible…

You wouldn’t be able to make areas of the image clickable, but you could dynamically add/remove players and formations based on selections made outside the image.

Ok I added a feature to my Football App that allows the captain to select a team formation and then assign players to each position.

Here are some screen shots. The team is already using it with positive feedback…

Key is to have buttons in the formation chosen. Each button can then be used to assign/edit the player. The formation is chosen uses a relation to specify the max number of players in each of the 4 rows of players. Unused buttons/players are then simply hidden depending on the formation selected.


Can you send me a link to your app please?

No - I’m afraid it’s a private app for our team. But I can sell you a copy :wink: