Select players from database


I organize amateur sports events, and I have been using excel for the last few years. However, I found the glide and it seems to me that it helps a lot in my work.
I have a database with player ID, name and points.
And everyday, any player can arrange a match 2 vs 2 games at the club.
I would like to know if with glide it is possible for any user to select his ID, and the other three IDs. Such as choosing the date and time of the game, and sharing that information via whatsapp group.
I have this in a public googlesheets, but it doesn’t have the nicest layout.

Thank you in advance.

Would you have to group teams to display it on the front end? Something like:

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Date
Tom Dan Axel Chris 16th Feb 2023

Then on the front end display something like Tom & Dan vs Axel & Chris?

Thank you.
Yes. It woul be somethinh like that. But I think I need an expert help, is it possible to hire someone to explain me and tell me if it’s possible to do all my ideas?


You can find an agency or an expert to talk to in the link above.

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