Football table and statistics in Glide?

Can i make something like this in Glide, in excell or google sheets i made league table but i convert it to Jpg and put it in glide and that takes too much time, can i make functional table in glide?

Thanks in advance


Iā€™m not sure what you mean by :

Do you mean create such table in Glide (The answer is yes), and then convert the data to an image ? Is that correct ?

Will the app have to be dynamic : users or you create/add data in your sheet ?

More info on that will help us help you :slight_smile:

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To make this table dynamic, you would have to import the real-time league data to your Google Sheets, like like via an API.

Then to make it display like that, you would need to use HTML to make a table then display it using rich text.

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How can i create such table in glide?
My goal is when i input results the table should change, and i dont know how to do that

can u open this:

or this

I would advise taking a look at this and find the right combination for you.

thank you very much for info, i will definetly try it

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