2022 Football/Soccer World Cup Glide Ideas

Any other football/soccer fanatics in this Glide community?
I wouldn’t think there will be many but just in case anyone enjoys such a discussion or sharing related app/ideas or maybe even working on such apps together.

I’m in Doha, Qatar and will be around for the world cup. I’m on Glide nearly fulltime and would love to try some cool world cup ideas


I’m creating a kind of football pools (quiniela in Spanish) for this tournament using a Glide APP.
It’s still a draft but its backend runs fine and consumes few rows. Indeed, every user’s pool result is saved and consumes a row (it was my challenge!)

I have to improve its UI and some details but the logic works perfectly so far.

If you want to be my partner, please let me know :wink:



I was working on something like that in the past. We call it the 1x2 game. 'm guessing a Quineiela is a bit similar?
Its played by a group of players maybe 20-30 on each paper.
Would actually be interested to learn more from you and possibly partner up

Hola @rayo

It’s something like this but now, playing on a Glide APP Qatar Office Pool Spreadsheet use During Tournament - YouTube

Of course, you can bet and/or earn points based on match results.

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Nice! looks interesting
i’l get in touch with you soon on private. will just have a closer look at it and the game rules.

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Will it be an open game for us to join? Would love to have it.

As a matter of fact!! :muscle:

I just need some time to improve its UI

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Do you have this ready @gvalero ?

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Almost! :roll_eyes:

The quiniela covers so far the Group Matches only (48 games), it was a proof of concept in order to create an APP able to support/handle multiple combinations from several users by saving the user’s games results in one row and it works fine. Otherwise, this would be a rows eater and a little expensive to support because the APP will need a Pro plan at least if we have 90+ players.

But now I have another challenger: the edits/updates count. With new Glide plans, we need to save and avoid unnecessary user actions (a real problem to have smart and customized UX) and this game is a big updates eater because I used many USC to collect users’ players results. I think each user bet to complete 48 games consumes around 80 edits… a nightmare. :woozy_face:

When I developed this demo, Glide didn’t charge for edits but now, I have to change my flow and use a Glide Form instead a custom form in order to avoid USC and many updates.

If I have some free time next week, I will try to make a new version to cover at least the games from Round of 16 to finals with a new flow and logic avoiding many USC.

Feliz día @eltintero!

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