Creating a LiveScore and Statistics App with Glide: Need UI Suggestions!

Hey Gliders!

I am excited to create a live score and statistics app with Glide, inspired by the UI of SofaScore. However, I’m finding it a bit challenging to replicate the desired UI using custom collections. Here’s what I’m aiming to achieve:


    • I’d like to group all matches under a specific league (for instance, the Premier League).
    • The UI should present team names with their logos, and scores should be well-aligned.

    • I want to showcase the home team’s logo on the left, scores in the center, and the away team’s logo on the right.

    • My aim is to display statistics data on the left side for the home team, have a caption in the middle, and display data for the away team on the right.

Here’s a basic structure of the data I’m working with:

id, date, country, league, home_team, ht_logo, ht_score, ht_shots, away_team, at_logo, at_score, at_shots

Does anyone have any suggestions or insights on how I can design a beautiful UI for the beautiful game using Glide? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!





I use FotMob, the UI isn’t that much different so I’m familiar with this. Glide’s native UI doesn’t allow something like that, so I would say this requires a lot of HTML customizing, but I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of time on that. You would have a hard time making it look right on both mobile & desktop.

Thank you for the insight! I’m familiar with FotMob as well and can see the similarities. It’s a bit disappointing to know that achieving such a UI natively with Glide might be challenging. However, I do appreciate the heads-up about the challenges with HTML customization across different devices.

Given this, do you or anyone else have suggestions for a more streamlined, yet still user-friendly UI approach? I’m open to simplifying things if it leads to a great user experience on Glide. Any alternative design ideas or templates that might work well with my data structure would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for your help!

I don’t have any templates, but the best customization should come with the custom collection layout, since you can put any components on it. I think if you still want to go ahead, that should be the way to go.

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