Testing for FALSE works inconsistently

On my Menu Tab, I have 10 images that link to different Screens

At the top of the screen, I have a check box that is linked to a Boolean which is user-specific.
The 10 images are only made visible (Show component when xxx is no / Show component when xxx is yes ) 5 show if YES and the other 5 show if NO.

It works fine on my computer and on my phone as I have been testing back and forth many times.
HOWER, every new user is unable to see any of the 10 images unless the check box is ticked one - after that everything continues to work correctly.
Ideas ?

NO is different from blank. Use is TRUE for TRUE, and is not TRUE for FALSE.


Thank you

So I’ve made the changes
Still not working correctly for first time users

Can you show the screenshot of conditions settings?

And city is true in table editor?

Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 21.31.51

Is it reading from the correct line?there might be a screen filter…

yes… can you check filter settings for the tab or screen? not just component

All of the other (Menu) items show on the Tab

If click “data” on the left part of the screen you’ll see what row it’s pulling information from

I have just set up a new Boolean column and it looks like when created the state is neither True or False - Is this possibly the problem ?

Try using small caps for “true” and NOT “TRUE” and it should work…I think

No - no different
what about my previous post that the state of a new Boolean column is neither true or false ? Although by definition it must be one thing or another and not nothing !

By definition, yes it’s one or the other, but in reality a boolean column is blank before it’s ever set. Once you check it, it becomes True. Once you uncheck it, it becomes False and will never be blank again. So checked is True, but unchecked could be blank or False. That’s why you should always check for True or not True.

Show your full visibility settings. I think you have it set up wrong. Did you actually type ‘City is True’ or did you select the City column, select the ‘is’ dropdown, and type ‘true’ in the last box?

That ‘is’ doesn’t look right.

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Hi no the column is “is City”

Can you show the filter of the screen instead of the visibility? What action do you use to take people to the images screen?

could it be that i am using “is” “false” rather than “is not” “true”