Testing for FALSE works inconsistently

yes, always use is not TRUE

AHAH now it works - thank you all - I feel a bit daft now !

Yes, that’s what I meant.

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David’s point was that there could be three states for a boolean:

  • Empty (when you start with a completely new boolean column it may have not been assigned any values)

  • False (when you have pre-assigned a false or switch from true to false)

  • True (when you have pre-assigned a true or switch from false to true)

In your case, your column value seems like an empty rather than a false, hence use is not true instead of false to cover both bases.


…unless of course, you clear it :wink:

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Well don’t clear it. :wink:

hehe… actually, I do - all the time.
I’ve gotten into the habit of clearing my booleans instead of setting them to false.
So I basically ignore the false state and just check for true/not true.


I do - every single word - the same