Filter is not checking right 2 columns with boolean values

I have 2 columns with Boolean values
InStock1 and InStock2

InStock2 - is taking the value on the switch button inside the app, as I can’t target the original table in that view
InStock1 - has the values of stock

the data should be filtered if InStock1 is InStock2 and the category column has a certain value … the second is working right, but the first is not working when it’s not checked … anyone knows why ?

If I select the conditions : Is checked or Is not checked, then everything is working, only when compared to the other boolean column is not working , can’t figure out why

Booleans can be in 3 states. True, False, or Blank. Is Checked and Is Not Checked do account for all 3 states. I’m not sure about comparing boolean to boolean though, but it might be possible that you are comparing Blank to False, which may not be a match.

so how do I know when is blank and when is False as the checkbox is the same ?

You can’t. An unchecked box has the value “false” or “empty”.

You might want to reverse the logic and verify for “true” instead.

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