True, false, empty - Boolean filter help

I want to filter a list based on a boolean AND another value.

It would be a simple (boolean == true) AND (value==20) or (boolean == false) AND (value==30) except for “empty”.

I was using (boolean == false OR boolean == empty) but now I need to add the AND filter.

Is their a simple way to do this knowing that ‘empties’ exist?

Perhaps the best option would be to split this into multiple if, then statements.

The boolean filter is ARCHIVED.

I can create an ITE column:

if ARCHIVED == false, FALSE
else FALSE

Just wondering if their is another way to handle this within the in-line list filer without adding another column.


Never check for a false condition unless you really need to. It’s better to check for ‘true’ or ‘not true’. Checking for ‘not true’ will include both false and empty conditions.


Worth noting that we also have the option now to test for “is checked” or “is not checked”, which is essentially the same thing, but possibly a little easier to get your head around.


And that should be in the section of the manual describing boolean and their use (type in boolean and see what you get) :slight_smile:


PS. I was checking for the false condition since logically it was the condition I cared about. I switched to true (really anti-false in my logic)

Son-of-a-gun. I should read to the bottom of the drop down

For a boolean value does ‘is checked’ mean the value exists and is true and ‘is not checked’ is everything else (either false or empty)?


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:


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