In-App filter doesn't work for booleans generated by formula

My App/Pages support link:

  • It’s in a personal app so it won’t let me generate a link, but this happened to me in every single project.

Describe the bug:

  • When using In-App filter in a collection, boolean columns that are a result of a formula (e.g. if then else) always show an empty list when turned on. “Normal” boolean columns work as expected.

Expected behavior:

  • When turned on, I expect filters based on formula to show “true” values.

How to replicate:

  • Create a table, add an if then else column with any random rule, then try to use it as an in-app filter.

Link to demo recording (optional):

I can confirm this. Please submit a ticket.

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Done. Thanks

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Same problem here, I’m available to help if needed.