iv set up a filter to let me know whats completed / in progress and the completed shows true and the in progress saying false, am i missing something.
Screenshot 2023-03-12 5.13.15 PM

You must be pointing your filter field to a Boolean column. If you want different values based off of that true/false, better to create an if then else column, create conditions that output a more readable word choice based off of the true false, call it filter, and use that as the filter for that collection.

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still not getting to do what i want

Don’t forget that boolean columns can be true, false, or blank. That’s 3 different values. I recommend an IF column that returns true if your boolean is true, else return false. The else will include all false and blank values. Your filter should should use the IF column instead of the boolean column.

Better yet, change your IF column to return Completed or In Progress instead of true or false. Seems like that would be a lot more intuitive to the user. Basically exactly what @Robert_Petitto said above.


Im still getting true false showing

Did you change your if-else to show false if empty? And set your filter to that if else column?

that does not show in filter data options.

It should… maybe you are not on the same sheet… or do you have a row owner there?

Screenshots of your IF column configuration and available columns for the in app filter configuration, please.

Where is the if-else column? add one on the right side of the boolean column

Screenshot 2023-03-16 10.16.25 PM
like that?.

This is not an if-else column… delete that one, and add new if-else

cant delete it in data sheet.

Oh… it is in Google Sheets… delete it later in google… add a new one in Glide.

Click on your technician complete column and choose to add a column on the right… and select if-then-else

thank you

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what is this know i get one step and 6 back very frustrating.

You set tab visibility condition… remove it

can i apply multiple filter as to just one, i tried the same as what you told me and so i tried another IF but didnt work, so at moment iv got completed in my filter.

You would have to show the workflow… but yes, you can apply multiple filters