Bad UX with in-app boolean filtering

I’m using the in-app filter to filter on a boolean column. It works great, but it doesn’t feel polished:

  • The filter category text is just “true” or “false” (could have hoped for “Yes” / “No”, or “<Property name>” / “Not <Property name>”)

  • The “true” and “false” options are only available if at least one row is “true” and “false”. In a boolean filter, I guess those two must be enabled by default.

  • I would like to treat “undefined” values as “false”. As of right now, for a value to be considered false, I have to open the row, and toggle the switch component to “true” then again to “false” to set the value to “false”. I cannot edit the sheet as the filtered property is user-defined.

Thank you for reading

What you could do here is create an if-then-else column to check the status of the boolean, output whatever string you want, then use this column as the in-app filter.

So it might be something like:

  • If Visited is not true, then “No”
  • Else “Yes”

Note that checking for “not true” will catch both the “false” and “empty” states of a boolean.


Thank you for the quick reply. I did what you said and it works great, even if this feels more like a workaround than a proper solution.

Thank you again for this clever solution!

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