Issues with set column on button press

I’m trying to use a set column action on a button press to dismiss a notification. I have the notification set up in one sheet (Notifications) and on button press (“Mark as read”), the action is to increment -1 so that the visibility condition kicks in and the notification goes away (this works 100% fine). The problem that I’m having is that the notification tab uses the User Profiles sheet and there’s no way to modify the visibility condition without somehow changing a setting in a column on that sheet.

I successfully created the relation between the two tabs but when I change the button actions to include set column, it doesn’t do it. I’ve tried changing the column type between text, numbers and boolean and I’ve spelled true and false three different kinds of ways (TRUE/FALSE, True/False, true/false).

I think I read a few topics that detailed similar issues but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on how to solve it. Does it sound like I’m doing something wrong? Or is there another way to change the value of one tab based on the value of another WITHOUT using set column? :thinking:

Can you include some screenshots of what your current settings are? Thank you.

Maybe I’m missing something, but there is no common value in your relation between the Notification table and the User table. At the beginning of your video, it looks like your relation is comparing the value of ‘1’ to ‘blank’ in the user table, so there is no matching row in the relation. When you click on the button is looks like it subtracts 1 from the column in the notification table and gives you ‘0’. ‘0’ still doesn’t match any value in the user table, which has a ‘blank’ in the column. With your setup, I don’t see any way you can have a relation between notifications and user. What I would do is create a template column in the notification that returns the user email from the user profile. Then use that template of email to create a single relation back to the user profile sheet. That way, you will always have a solid relation between notifications and users and your set column through the relation should work.


Hey Jeff - thank you for the info. I got it working by changing the columns to boolean and rearranging the order of the custom actions! Follow up question: is it possible to set a column WITHOUT an action?

USE CASE: instead of using a button press (like how the end user dismisses the notification in the app) to change the value in both the notification tab AND the user profile tab, can I do it in the data editor? I’m trying to mark the boolean value in the notification sheet true and it doesn’t mark the value in the user profile true

If you’re not relying on a relation to do it and want to do it manually, I think the only way is bringing that user-specific boolean value that back to the user profiles sheet through a relation and alter your flow/visibility conditions accordingly.

Hey @ThinhDinh - here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have my main notifications sheet that has been successfully related to the user profile. So, for me (because I’m only testing my profile right now before I release it in the app), I check this box (above), then check the box on my user profile to indicate that there’s a new message. The notification tab pops up then I go into the tab, dismiss the notification using the button - which triggers the set column - and the tab goes away.

What I’d like to do is be able to set the notification on the user profile page by re-checking (or checking for the first time) the box in the new row when there’s a new message. Is that possible? :thinking:

I’ve tried creating a new relation but am having quite a bit of difficulty. Relations are foreign to me and I can never seem to get them to work correctly