Action Set column true or 1

I am trying to create the following actions for a button for user to indicate their “attendance” to an event. When user clicks on button

  1. their information is captured to a “response sheet” by adding a row. this works fine.
  2. the second action is set column (which is actually set cell). i want to set a boolean to a cell to “True” or “1” but kind of stuck on how to get it done as options available are all related to the columns in the sheet only. Once I set this cell, I will see it for other purposes such as “sorting” or “visibility”.

Suggestions please.

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Create a template column with value True and set the column you need to that template column.

Can also use the increment action with increment = 1

ok, set column works fine with ideas from Thinh and Manan…what I am attempting to do is use this Boolean cell to setup visibility condition. That means if button is click, the user have registered and the cell, we call “bookmark”, is pulled to “true”.
what i noticed is this switch is user specific. So if it is manually pulled by the user, then the visibility conditions work. But if we use the “set column” method, visibility condition does not work.
It is somehow related to user specific columns…
Further suggestions much appreciated.

Can you describe more about the visibility conditions you want after this?

I had the same situation over the weekend with the set column. For some reason the set column didn’t like setting from “true”, but it does seem to work if you use the set column to copy another boolean column that is already ticked.

I have the same “issue” that with set columns action “true” seems to be considered a text word like any other word instead of a Boolean value. The copy of the value suggested seems to me more a workaround than a solution. Would it be possible to understand if there is a way to give the Boolean value correctly without adding a column?
Bye bye!!

Have your tried “True” with T capital or “TRUE” with everything capital?
I think both of these work fine.

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I’ve successfully changed a Boolean column using the set column action with the custom value true

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I’ve run into issues where I have an IFTHEN that is looking at a Boolean value. I can’t remember for sure how it messed up, but I think the action was setting a Boolean to “1” , then I had an IFTHEN checking if the column was “true”. It didn’t work until I changed the IFTHEN to check for “1” as the value of the Boolean. In other cases I can think of in Glide, true and 1 were seen the same in an IFTHEN… but when the 1 is set by an action, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I agree with fabio - there is definitely something fishy going on when you set a value in a Boolean column in a set columns action. And it doesn’t matter whether you write “1”, “true”, “TRUE”, “True” or any other reasonable value. The problem is that the value is stored as text.

But it is very hard to figure out, as it seems like Glide to some extent cope correctly with the text value. It is even presented correctly in a Boolean column (see picture below):

However, Sheets is not fooled. If you try to treat the corresponding cells in Sheets as Boolean values it will not work, because Sheets recognize it as text - it turns out that the cell actually contains 'TRUE and not TRUE, i.e. Sheets see it as text.

Consequently, you can’t expect that you can use any kind of logic in Sheets correctly on these values - unless you know what is going on.

Why Glide works like that I have no clue. But it is extremely tricky to figure out why your app doesn’t work when you try to set a Boolean value in a set columns action. My workaround has been to change the Boolean column to a text column and then fill it “Yes” and “No” values instead. Then I’m not in doubt, that it is actually a text value. But, of course, if you need to set values in the same column in a checkbox component too that workaround will not work.


One thing that I have found is that if you go to the Glide Data Editor and click on the checkbox twice (ie. toggle it between true/false and back again), when it subsequently syncs with the Google Sheet, the value will be correctly reflected as TRUE/FALSE (boolean rather than text).

However, that isn’t really much use, because if you toggle these boolean values using the app, then they immediately revert to text in the Google Sheet. I’d say it’s a bug.

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Dear @Darren_Murphy

Do you know if there any news about this 'true / true issue? I still have the problem, no matter what I write between True/TRUE/true…


I had this earlier today. Up until around lunchtime today I always used TRUE, this has never caused my an issue until I tried a relation lookup on it. The Glide Data seems to set a Boolean as “true”.

This was the problem, and the solution (which worked fully when I set my custom action to true/false instead of TRUE/FALSE.)