Transform a 2 option column into a true / false boolean column


I have multiple columns with 2 / 3 options inside: “yes”, “no” and some of them contain “-” where I don’t yet know if it is a yes or no.

How can I transform these column into boolean ones?

where I have yes => true
where I have “no” or “-” => false

Thank you

A simple if-then-else column should do it…

If X equals yes
  Then true
Else false

Although, that’s not actually going to give you a boolean column type. If that is what you want/need, then I doubt that is possible (in Glide).

Hi @Darren_Murphy I need it for a filter inside the app to use it with an On/off switch. I will try like this to see if it works

If that doesn’t work, and the source column is in your Google Sheet, then what you could do is perform the transformation in your Google sheet. Glide will probably then detect the new column as a Boolean. And even if it doesn’t, you should be able to change the column type in Glide.

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It worked like you suggested. I created a new column in my google sheet and then I was able to set it up as boolean inside Glide. Thank you @Darren_Murphy

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