Booleans as true/false vs checkboxes in Sheets & Glide db

I can’t find any docs or postings about this yet.

Glide continually interchanges checkboxes and true/false for boolean columns.

I have tried to use just ‘true’ and ‘false’ in my Google sheets but Glide puts checkboxes into the column (which even sync back to my Sheet as such).

I want to use true/false, or even 1/0, and I personally never want a checkbox in my db column.
Can I at least get Glide to be consistent? Even within its own db? It’s more frustrating than one might think, and dealing with it has cost me time and work, and if I can’t resolve this I’m sure it will do so again.


Do you use a boolean column type in Glide? If you want text, specify it as a text column.

Whenever you add a spreadsheet column and it syncs with Glide, Glide will make a “best guess” at the column type based on the data in that column. So if you add a column with true/false values, then there is a good chance that Glide will see that as a boolean column.

If Glide gets it wrong, then you always have the option of changing it by editing the column type in the GDE. In this specific case, if you don’t want checkboxes (boolean column), then just change the column type to Text.