Trigger Boolean into Column

Dear Community,

How do we set the If-Else-Then to Trigger a Boolean into another Column “Need Work Pass” which in turn will update the boolean value in Google Sheet.

Thanks in Advance.

The only way to do that would be with an action.
So you probably need to go back to whatever it is that changes to set the value in your “If Local” column, and set it at that point.

Got it!

If the column in Glidetable is a Boolean column, what is the value i should indicate in the Action Step - Set Column to show the checked box in Google Sheet, instead of True?

I don’t believe that can be controlled from the Glide side. Although, you might try using uppercase TRUE. The Google Sheet might recognise that as a boolean value and insert a checkbox.
You can also format the entire column in the Google Sheet as boolean by using “Insert → Checkbox”.

THanks for your reply & support…

After reading Action Set column true or 1 - #14 by Mishta_P, decided to make it simply use and set text as “Yes” for glidetable and google sheet.

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